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Tony Singh Chaat dishes at 63rd + 1st

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Tony Singh at 63rd+1st

Famed for his eclectic and accessible style, celebrity chef, Tony Singh, has worked with our team of talented chefs to create a range of exciting chaat inspired dishes with modern flavours. 

In India, chaat is more than just a savoury street food snack, it’s a way of life. Characterised by its sweet, sour, spicy, tangy + crunchy taste, chaat dishes are ideal for any time of day.

Available from Thursday 4th August 2022.

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*“Each of our chaat dishes is served with zingy mint and coriander chutney, tart tamarind sauce, sweet, piquant mango sauce and rich, smoky yogurt then topped off with spiced, crunchy, and sprinkles of loveliness,” Tony Singh.*

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